Give New Life to Your Outdated Electrical System

Choose us to perform an electrical panel upgrade in Prescott Valley, AZ

Do the lights keep flickering in your home? Does your breaker trip constantly? If your home feels like it belongs in a horror movie, rely on Morrell Electric to perform an electrical panel upgrade in Prescott Valley, AZ or surrounding areas.

Your panel is the backbone of your home's electrical system, so it's important to keep it in tiptop shape. Luckily, our electrician has 23 years of experience revitalizing old and malfunctioning panels. With us by your side, you can revamp your home without a hitch.

Contact us now to arrange for an electrical panel upgrade. We offer free estimates.

5 signs you need a new electrical panel

Here at Morrell Electric, we can handle electrical panel replacement projects for residential and commercial property owners. Consider reaching out to us if you notice:

  • Your lights flicker when you turn things on
  • There are sparks when you plug things in
  • There are scorched or melted wires
  • Your breaker box smells burnt
  • Your panel is unusually warm
Replacing your panel is an important part of any home improvement project. If you're ready to bring your home into the 21st century, then call us right away to schedule electrical panel replacement services in Prescott Valley, AZ.